Our Story

BeeRRimon was founded in 2012 by Jack Zaremski Rimon, a US-born entrepreneur who declared his Israeli citizenship in 1995 and splits his time between New York and Haifa, where he bought a home in 2009. A lifelong endurance athlete who has completed seven "Ironman" distance triathlons. Jack trains regularly on the beautiful beaches of Haifa, after which he generally enjoys a glass of freshly squeezed pomegranate juice on the Haifa beach promenade.  Also an afficionado of fine beer, Jack saw the opportunity to combine his passions for Israel, fresh squeezed pomegranate juice and beer, and after completing a course in craft brewing in Israel and then home-brewing numerous styles of pomegranate beer in his kitchen in Haifa, he decided to make his craft pomegranate beers available in the Israeli marketplace.  And so, BeeRRimon was born!