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Pomegranate Wheat Ale

BeeRRimon Pomegranate Wheat Ale, our first commercially available BeeRRimon launched in 2013, is a smooth and refreshing wheat ale rich in wheat and barley malts, as well as fresh-squeezed Israeli pomegranate juice, and balanced with fine citrusy hops.  This is the perfect BeeRRimon to enjoy with friends at the pub, along with lunch or dinner or while cooling off on a hot summer day!  



בירת רימונים וחיטה

Pomegranate Strong Ale

BeeRRimon Pomegranate Strong Ale is not for the faint of heart!   Loaded with fresh-squeezed pomegranate juice and the finest barley malt and balanced with a touch a hoppy bitterness, this BeeRRimon is equally perfect for the experienced beer connoisseur and the very adventurous beer neophyte alike!   Enjoy to refresh and replenish after a hard workout, to wind down after a long day's work, as a fine accompiment to lunch or dinner, or simply while relishing the calming sounds of waves rolling onto the beach or the beauty of a perfect sunset! 



סטרונג אייל



Pomegranate Strong Ale II

BeeRRimon Pomegranate Strong Ale II, our second version of BeeRRimon Strong Ale, is a bit milder and lighter-bodied than our original Strong Ale, but is packed with exactly the same amount of fresh-squeezed organic Negev pomegranate juice.  If you are looking for a delicious and potent barley-pomegranate beverage to help you refresh and replenish after a challenging workout, to enjoy along with a succulent steak dinner or a luscious desert, or just to kick back and relax after a long day at the office, BeeRRimon Strong Ale II may be the beverage of choice for you! 



סטרונג אייל




Pomegranate 4-Hop IPA

BeeRRimon Pomegranate 4-Hop IPA is the undeniable beverage of choice for craft-beer lovers searching for an intense combination of hoppy bitterness and pomegranate sweetness.  Loaded with four different types of quality bittering hops and 16.6% pomegranate juice, BeeRRimon 4-Hop IPA delivers an explosion of hops, pomegranate and barley-malt flavors that will stimulate your taste-buds like never before!



סטרונג אייל



Pomegranate Porter

BeeRRimon Pomegranate Porter offers our craft beer connoisseurs and debutantes alike a delectable balance of chocolatey-porter barley malt and fresh-squeezed organic Negev pomegranate juice.  7 percent alcohol and 20 percent pomegranate juice by volume, this sweet porter and pomegranate BeeRRimon is the perfect complement to a hearty meal or dessert but is equally enjoyable on its own ideally in the company of other craft-beer lovers!      



סטרונג אייל



Pomegranate Wheat & Honey Ale

Our Pomegranate Wheat & Honey Ale is our mildest BeeRRimon - a smooth, refreshing and replenishing thirst quencher, perfect for accentuating a hearty lunch or dinner, a mid-day or late night.snack or just simply on its very own!



סטרונג אייל